Independent Women

F or the longest time, 'It's a man's world' was the motto by which society functioned. But once things began to change, this motto lost its value and as things stand today, more and more women are enjoying economic prosperity. We at MFA believe that Financial Independence is the birthright for every woman, and it is the responsibility of each woman to achieve it.

Our Motto at MFA:

Empowering women to achieve financial independence and reduce dependency on others in their lives.

We help women avoid mistakes like: (We will make a creative for this & share with you)

  1. Leaving all the planning to the man!
  2. Lack of interest in Financial Planning, fearing the complexity
  3. Always on the look-out for deals, especially free deals!
  4. Not enhancing one’s financial knowledge.
  5. Rather spend today than save for the future!
  6. Making an expense budget instead of savings budget
  7. Not being aware of the need for Financial Planning

Together, let’s build a financially secure world for women!

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