The Celebrity Family Office

P People in creative profession or sportsmen have a limited career span and want to dedicate the maximum of their time to their creative or athletic pursuits. In the absence of time as well as accurate information they tend to depend on others to make their financial decisions.They are often misled into hoarding a lot of pricey financial products. Perhaps the biggest challenge of all for a celebrity is the lack of a steady income flow.

This is where MFA comes in. We plan finances for our clients such that it takes care of the uncertainties of their profession. Our focus is to create a backup plan for our clients to fall back on after their stardom fades. We also cover them from the risks that arise due to their profession.

What will we do for you?



Your happiness is now secure
With MFA, your personal financial plan is set, your risks are mitigated, your life is secure, your contigencies are covered. Leaving you stress free to live your life in happiness.

We pick out right options
With a clear vision on the goal and the path we need to take, we finalise on the right investment options that are a perfect fit for your family to achive your financial gials. That's the WHAT.



We will discuss a financial plan
When we know how we can achieve your goal for you, we set about presenting and discussing a detailed financial plan with you. Through these discussions we have now finalised the HOW.

Our financial experts will analyse
Once we know what your goal is, we will start analysing your current investments, insurance, deposits, etc along with what you will need. We are figuring out the HOW.



First we will talk with you
We need to understand what your personal financial goals are. Child's education, marriage, world tour, it could be anything you have dreamt of doing. We now know the WHY.

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