Our Team

Led by one of India's premier wealth managers - Amar Pandit - MFA Financial Coaches have a combined experience of 150+ years and are supported by robust Planning and Implementation Teams.

We assign a team of three professionals including Senior Partners to serve our clients. Our integrated team is made up of professionals with decades of collective experience, knowledge and expertise. This ensures that there is continuity of people who continue to serve you and work in your best interests. They are supported by a team of planners, research, support and administration personnel.

The MFA Financial Coach is always in tune with your financial situation - both current and future.

Meet our Team!

Amar Pandit


Chitra Iyer

Chief Executive Officer

Milin Shah

Planning & Product

Meena Shriram

Financial Coach

Sumita Pradhan


Riddhi Agarwal


Doris Menezes


P R Balan

Chief Mentor

Riya Padhye

Human Resource

Ketan Sejpal

Information Technology

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Jyothi Iyengar

Financial Coach

Chanda Varma

Financial Coach

Sneha Kalsekar

Financial Coach

Saurabh Shrivastav

Financial Coach

Komal Karia

Financial Coach

Anil Kothari

Financial Coach

Grishma Shah

Financial Coach