How to detect Autism

Use these little figures to help you detect Autism

Standoffish in manner

Indicates needs by gestures, or by leading adults by the hand

Difficulty in mixing and playing with other children

Echoes words and phrases

Inappropriate laughing or giggling

Enjoys spinning or rotating objects

Avoids eye contact

Lack of pretend play or unusual and repetitive pretend play

Likes sameness in everyday routine, does not enjoy change

Apparent insensitivity to pain

Doesn't respond when called, sometimes appears to be deaf

Inappropriate attachments to objects

Not responsive to normal teaching methods

Sometimes does not like to be hugged or touched

No understanding or fear of real dangers

Extreme restlessness hyperactivity or extreme passivity

Can do somethings very well, but not tasks involving social understanding

Unusual behaviours of body movements such as flapping hands or rocking and jumping