About MFA

M FA was established in 2005 by Mr. Amar Pandit at a time when a lot of product based mis-selling was happening under the garb of 'wealth management'.

Most of the people we met, did not understand what they were being sold. All they wanted to know was "Am I doing ok?".

We decided to create history by demonstrating that one can create a scalable business model in the financial services industry by doing what’s right for the client. The only way to do this was by delaying gratification, taking a long-term view of client relationships, being a thought leader, promoting financial literacy, creating a realistic compensation model (not one based on greed), having a vision and creating a team of passionate people. And that’s exactly what we chose to do.


When we scratched the surface and asked people what really mattered, the answers were varied, Traveling, a larger home, better future, secure future. Further, when we asked why travel, why a secure future, why a larger home, the roads started converging towards a single destination - Happiness.

The serious and thoughtful pursuit of happiness calls for many of the same qualities as are required for success in quest. We understand this and have built tools and process to help one find happiness.

Our purpose in life is to help clients take sound financial and life decisions just like we would guide our parents, family and friends!


Over the last 19 years of working with Investors, we have realised that there is an urgent need to not only educate investors but also to give purpose to their investments.

We follow a 'Plan-Process-Product' principle where we begin with the goal setting in the planning phase (Why of investing), then go through a systematic process to understand investment objectives (How) and end with the product (What).

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