Estate Planning and Trusts

Estate Planning

Estate Planning is the process of distribution of your estate (assets less liabilities) in case you die or are unable to take financial decisions on your own.

Ask yourself the following questions:

If you are a Business Owner then similar issues apply to your business as well? Is there a succession plan in place and what are the implications of not having one in place?

The first thing you must DO NOW is to MAKE A WILL, thereby avoiding the problems of dying intestate (without a will).

Based on your needs and requirements there are several things such as:


The aim of quite a few visionary and wealthy individuals is often not just to build and preserve their wealth but also to DISTRIBUTE it meaningfully amongst one or more of their FUTURE GENERATIONS.

There are still others (e.g. Alfred Noble) with a grander vision of what their wealth should achieve for the community, society, and humanity at large.

For such an outlook to be executed accurately the means to the end is getting a trust in place managed by trustworthy trustees.

MFA can help individuals and families at the following levels: