The Personal Finance Podcast for Doctors with Meena Shriram and Chanda Varma

This podcast aims to simplify all aspects of Personal Finance & help you make smart and informed choices about money so that you can live happier & stress free lives.

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Episode(s): 15 Total Duration: 3 hrs 47 min 26 sec

The Special Needs Children Podcast - with Chitra Iyer

Welcome! Listen to Chitra Iyer, (a special needs parent herself) give solutions to families in similar situations, to live financially happier lives and secure their child's future. Being a Trustee at Forum for Autism and the CEO at MFA she has been guiding 100s of special needs families with respect to finances, legal requirements so much more. This Podcast will help answer many 'How do I..." questions. Subscribe Now and you will not miss any of the new episodes published fortnightly! Stay tuned! Help is just a call away: Phone number- +91 98337 85892 Email ID- teammfa@myfinad.in

Episode(s): 31 Total Duration: 19 hrs 34 min 54 sec

The MPowered Women Podcast

Glad to announce MFA's new podcast called 'The MPowered Women Podcast' We at MFA, believe that Financial Independence is a birthright for every woman and the responsibility of each woman to achieve it. To encourage this, we have come up with this podcast that will empower women to take charge of their finances and help them become financially independent. We sincerely hope that you listen to this Podcast and also share it with all women you know. Our promise is to take care of your money just like we would take care of our parent's or our best friends' money!

Episode(s): 1 Total Duration: 23 min 43 sec