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If you were Warren Buffet – Would you Buy this Property?

Warren Buffett







There are two parts to any real estate deal.

The HEADS Side of the Coin

The often over-rated part of the deal is the PROPERTY itself.

When it comes to buying real estate, logic often flies off the window first. Followed by common sense.

As investors, we often focus on the wrong things while short listing properties / projects. The amenities, interiors, etc. are only superficial. It is normal practice for a developer to therefore use these tactics as distractions so that you end up taking your focus off the more important facets.

If you really are an investor (and not a collector) you have to dig deep. Think of benchmarking yourself on Warren Buffet – the most successful investor in the world – though he does only stocks. When investing, Buffet looks beyond the jazz and glitz that a company often projects and lets facts and numbers do the talking.

So put on your dark-rimmed Buffet glasses and deeply introspect about the following core factors: » Read more..

Budget Analysis 2013

There was nothing exceptional in this budget. There are many announcements some of which will have a positive impact on our wallets and some that will really take out money out of our wallet, reckons Amar Pandit.

Budget by definition is an accounting exercise. However it is another thing that it’s watched so closely and given so much importance every year. This year was no different and there were high expectations from Mr. Chidambaram to deliver another dream budget. Industrialists and CEOs cheered the budget but the market seemed unhappy and gave a different picture with the Sensex down by more than 250 points. My personal view is that there was nothing exceptional in this budget but it is not something that I would worry excessively about. However, there are many announcements some of which will have a positive impact on our wallets and some that will really take out money out of our wallet.

To start with, let’s take a look at the direct tax law changes » Read more..

High Dose of Realty

Publication: The Times Of India Mumbai;  Date: Sep 16, 2008;   Section: Your Money; Page: 21

A high net worth businessman is shocked to discover that his returns from realty are not up to the markMost Indians think of real estate as a safe investment. Just because daily quotes are not available, they think of real estate as safer investments. They subconsciously believe that not knowing the current price of an investment makes it less risky.

Rahul Mehra is one such business owner who believed that property is a much safer investment and the only way it can go is up. With this belief, he took exposure to real estate for the last five years. In some properties, he is still making some handsome money. But in properties bought during the last 17 months, he is still in the red from a pure valuation perspective. » Read more..