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MFA Supports the Cause of Autism

Face value for autism?

Priyanka Chopra approached by Forum For Autism to become the face of the organisation.


Priyanka Chopra’s portrayal of an autistic person in the recently released Barfi! got her rave reviews. Her role also seems to have touched the lives and hearts of many. The Forum For Autism (FFA), a support group for parents of autistic kids in the city, has approached Priyanka to become the face of their organisation. Impressed by her acting, they believe she is the perfect ambassador for their cause.

Chitra Iyer, trustee, FFA says, “We knew that she was playing an autistic girl in the film, but after we saw it, we were really surprised. Priyanka has done an extremely good job and she played the part so well, keeping it very close to reality by not overdoing it. They’ve spread an important message through the film, that autism is not an illness, it’s a disorder.”

Ask her why she feels that Priyanka will be a good fit for the role, and she says, “Priyanka has done a lot of groundwork to play this part, and she has a clear idea about the lives of autistic people. She’s an intelligent person and will be able to spread the message in the right manner.”

Ask her about Priyanka’s reaction to this and Chitra reveals, “She has been very receptive and has promised to do whatever she can towards this cause.” » Read more..

The Art of Giving

Publication: Business Standard; Mumbai  Date: March 27, 2011                  

How to ensure that your money is used for the right cause.

With great wealth comes great responsibility. This is because money, if utilised appropriately, has the power to do many great things. Hence, wealth creators have an unsaid responsibility of utilising a portion of their wealth for the betterment of society. This act of promoting the welfare of society is called philanthropy. However, you don’t have to be a billionaire to start your philanthropic activities. And there is more than one way to go about it.

There is a long-held belief that having wealth comes with a responsibility towards the less fortunate. Other reasons why people decide to do philanthropy: To address business or social obligations, to address social problems, to teach sound financial and human values to children, to give some purpose to their lives or to influence public and private policies.

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