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Leonardo da Vinci said “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Complexity is often overrated. It is the simple things that are also the most effective. In almost every facet of our lives – including financial planning. It is our belief that the simpler we make this subject, the less threatening and overwhelming will it seem to us. This way, investors will be able to get done much more than they currently are able to do and reach their closely cherished goals minus the stress. » Read more..

Buy Low | Sell High = Dumb

“Buy Low – Sell High.”
Is one investment advice which is: Clichéd, Misunderstood, Abused.
Abused. Because I can quote reams of data and statistic on how investors behave quite the opposite. Be it any asset class, be it any corner of the world, investors pump in money when the market tops and push the panic button and exit when it tanks. 
Abused. Because it says low – yet we wait for lowest. It says high – and we wait for highest. Timing the market is typical bad investor behavior. A Behavior Gap.
We met a prospective Client last week, who was anxious and indecisive. “I am too worried to take any decision right now. The markets are too volatile. Let’s wait for markets to ‘clear up’ and then go ahead with things.”
But what does cleared up mean? Does it mean when people are less fearful? Does it mean when the news reports are positive? Does it mean when our friends are investing again?
Keeping all of these signs in mind, do you you think the market will move higher or lower when things clear up? » Read more..