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Thank You

MFA adjudged Independent Financial Planner of the Year 2012 (Runner Up) 

Dear All,


We will complete 8 years as an organization this May. The last 8 years have been extremely eventful for us and we have grown from a team of 2 people to a team of 40 with offices in Mumbai and Bengaluru.

We have always had a unilateral focus in mind – to be the most respected and best firm in the Private Wealth Management Space. The belief was that if we are doing excellent work, people (the industry, our peers, media, etc.) would recognize us and hence there was no need to devote time on activities just so that you are on television or the media and so on. This meant that we had to completely focus on every activity that mattered to our clients and this is precisely what we tried to do.

The motivation and the biggest awards for us were the words of appreciation that our clients had for us. One very well known surgeon said, “I have complete peace of mind. My wife knows who to connect now and to get every possible information, guidance and help should something happen to me.” Another well known personality said, “My brother trusts you more than anybody else.” » Read more..

Seven Common Money Mistakes that People Make

Mr. Amar Pandit’s  article “Seven Common Money Mistakes that people make”, got published in “Cover Drive” – the quarterly newsletter from MCA (Mumbai Cricket Association) Club.


Book Review

Source : Sanjay Kumar Singh, Citrus Interactive
 Thu, Jan 10, 2013


Mao Tse Tung once said that like one’s friends a person should select his books carefully. His quote appears apt in today’s age of information overload.

A young man who wants to learn how to manage his finances well, or at least be able to tell whether his finances are being managed soundly by experts, would find himself bombarded with information from all sides. But most articles in newspapers and magazines focus on a particular subject in microscopic detail. Because of the limitations of space, few provide a comprehensive framework on the basics of financial planning. Then there is also the question of reliability: how much expertise do the writers of these articles (with honourable exceptions, of course) really have? » Read more..