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Lessons in financial plumbing

Publication : Complete Wellbeing; Stay Well, Section: Manage Money Matters; Vol V; Issue 10; August 2011

Spot and plug the little leaks that are draining you of your wealth

Arjun Nair, an advertising industry executive in his late 40s, has been suffering from what I call the ‘Financial Leakage Syndrome’. Although he earns an enviable INR 24 lakh per year, post tax, he finds it difficult to save a single penny. His argument: “Life has become so expensive, plus these taxes and loan EMIs are killing me”. His wife, Deepa, however disagrees with Arjun and says that this has been the case for the past 20 years of their marriage. She strongly felt that they could save much more as a family. I agree with Deepa and believe that there are several ways in which they could have cut down on their financial leakages.

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