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When the time is right

Publication: Business Standard, New Delhi; Date: June 21, 2009;

Signals to look for before deciding when to enter, lie low or get out of stock markets.

Cautious Bull, Optimistic Bull, Fearful Bear are some of the terms thrown at equity investors in the past several weeks. Most investors are waiting on the sidelines, mulling whether to enter the market or not. Some question if this rally is sustainable. Remember two things. One, there is no way for anyone to predict what the markets can do in the next few days. Two, and a key point:equity markets recover much before the actual economy does. There are no easy answers but, yes, there are certain signals one should look at.
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Fixing Your Focus

Publication: Business Standard, New Delhi, Date: June 07,2009

Don’t get carried away by just the interest rate on offer when investing in company fixed deposits

Company fixed deposits (FD)have been back in vogue for the past couple of months. These range from the likes of the revered Tata Group to numerous non-banking financial companies and private companies. The biggest attraction in company FDs is the higher interest rate. Besides, there are other benefits such as premature withdrawals, TDS benefits and the choice of some reputed companies as well.

So, should one jump for a company FD to earn that higher 2-4 per cent return? Here are a few things you must check before a plunge:

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