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Teach your children well

Publication: Business Standard, Mumbai; Date: April 12, 2009;    Section: Markets & Investing;

It is important that children start their financial education at the earliest.

When Raymond Darashaw was a child, he believed that one simply needed to have a magic card (read debit card) to withdraw money from the nearest Automated Teller Machine (ATM). And his parents allowed him to believe that for quite a few years.

Of course, as he grew older, he realised that he needed to have money in his bank account in order to withdraw it.

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Crossing the Hurdles

Publication: Business Standard, Mumbai;   Date: April 5, 2009,  
With All asset classes under stress, you need to have a sound strategy to survive these tough times.

As one enters the new financial year, one is faced with a large number of questions. After the stock market debacle in the last year, all investors would be wondering if equities are still a safe haven. In fact, investors even in the real estate or fixed maturity plans (FMPs) of mutual funds would be doubly cautious this year.

And what is not helping them is the rising uncertainty in the last four weeks in stock markets. The markets managed to surprise everyone and even made astrologers look more credible than economists and market experts. The Sensex closed in the positive for four weeks in a row at 10,348.83. However, given that the corporate results season is going to start soon and it will be followed by general elections, no one can actually take a call on where the markets are likely to be in the next two months.

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