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Twice the effort: Amar Pandit

Publication: The Times Of India Mumbai; Date: Nov 25, 2008; Section: Your Money; Page: 23

MEET THE FAMILY Akshay Mathur is a corporate executive and a single parent in his late thirties. His wife, Shalini, died a few years ago. Their two 10-year-old daughters, Kirti and Poorti, are in class five. Despite a substantial income, Akshay has but a tiny surplus.

Playing dad and mom to twin girls, and earning for the family, leaves little time for financial planning. But that’s what single parents must be especially careful about. » Read more..

Not insurance, but a savings policy

Publication: Business Standard Mumbai;   Date: 2 November, 2008;    Section: Product Analysis;   

Yet another product that defies the basic principle of not mixing insurance with investment.

Most insurance buyers forget one simple thing – they should be buying only life, health or any other cover from insurance companies. Instead they lose their focus and buy products, which are completely different in nature. Here we give you one such example.
Take for instance, HDFC Savings Assurance Policy. The marketing material of this policy reads something like this: “You need to plan today to ensure a bright future for your child, build your dream home and fulfil all your other aspirations. To help you realise your dreams, we present HDFC Savings Assurance Plan.” Interestingly, in spite of being an insurance policy, there is absolutely no mention of life insurance cover at all.

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