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High Dose of Realty

Publication: The Times Of India Mumbai;  Date: Sep 16, 2008;   Section: Your Money; Page: 21

A high net worth businessman is shocked to discover that his returns from realty are not up to the markMost Indians think of real estate as a safe investment. Just because daily quotes are not available, they think of real estate as safer investments. They subconsciously believe that not knowing the current price of an investment makes it less risky.

Rahul Mehra is one such business owner who believed that property is a much safer investment and the only way it can go is up. With this belief, he took exposure to real estate for the last five years. In some properties, he is still making some handsome money. But in properties bought during the last 17 months, he is still in the red from a pure valuation perspective. » Read more..

Cover for terror

Publication: Business Standard, Mumbai; Date: Sep 9, 2008;    Section: Insurance;
Most life insurance policies cover terrorism. Even the process is often simpler.

In the last few days, terror has grabbed more headlines than anything else. The Mumbai incidents have left citizens badly hurt and many dead.

But after all the hue and cry about the incidents, one has to face reality. That is, an important member of the family is dead. In 2006 train blasts, there were a number of families who found themselves in deep financial trouble because their earning member was no longer there. Worse still, there were home and other loans to be paid. Many households realised rather late that they were not adequately covered for such contingencies.

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It doesn’t grow on TREES

Publication: The Times Of India Mumbai;      Date: Sep 9, 2008;      Section: Your Money;      Page: 24

Teaching your children about money could be your best gift to them. They may not appreciate it now, but they’ll thank you when they’re financially responsible and successful young adults

Peer pressure is probably the worst enemy of the parental purse. My friend Ravi and his wife Maya were having trouble with their 12-year-old son, Rohan. The boy seemed incapable of delaying gratification: he had to have everything now. He lacked confidence, and because of peer pressure, » Read more..

All for term, term for all

Publication: BUSINESS STANDARD, Mumbai;   Date: Sep 7, 2008;    Section: Insurance;  

With insurers slashing term plan premiums by up to 40 per cent, this is an opportunity for customers to shift from their high-cost insurance policies.

The best thing you can buy from an insurance company is – an insurance policy. However, we often end up buying high-cost endowment or unit-linked insurance plans (Ulips). The argument is that there should be some returns, at least from any investment.
Over the years, term plans have been shabbily treated by life insurance companies. No wonder they form a very little part of their overall sales. In fact, if one wants to buy it, most insurance agents would try to sell you anything but a simple term plan.

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