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Doctors’ Advice

Publication: The Times Of India Mumbai; Date: Jul 29, 2008; Section: Your Money; Page: 23
A couple of surgeons learns that even if you can’t cure financial risk, you can certainly control it
Swati and Jayant Pradhan, both successful surgeons in their early forties, have no shortage of money, but never enough time. They have relied on investment advice from their banks, insurance advice from their insurance agents, and tax advice from their chartered accountant. Many ad hoc decisions later, they ended up with a lot of products. So although things looked fine on the surface, their finances were exposed to several risks. » Read more..

Lock, stock, exit

Publication: Business Standard, Mumbai; Section:Fund Fundamentals; Date: July 20, 2008

With the Sensex tottering at 13,000 levels, a whole lot of investors would be wondering if they should exit their mutual funds or stop their monthly systematic investment plans (SIPs). While the latter does not make sense, especially if you are in good equity diversified funds, the former can be contemplated in certain cases.

Generally, getting into a mutual fund is associated with a long-term relationship whereby, there are good times as well as bad times. However, most investors are willing to enjoy the upside, but at the slightest hint of a downside, they start crying foul. Here we address the issue of when you should take the tough call of exiting your mutual fund.

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Get smart, get the right life cover

Publication: The Economic Times Mumbai; Date: Jul 16, 2008; Section: Personal Finance; Page: 19

Scan The Market For An Insurance Policy That Provides Pure Risk-Protection Facility

It’s a cool December evening and Arjun Kanetkar, a high-profile insurance salesman, marches into the office of one of his prospective clients Pooja Mistry, a successful entrepreneur in her late thirties. He knows that Pooja’s husband is a high-profile corporate executive and they have two daughters. » Read more..