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Do homemakers require life insurance policies?

Publication: The Economic Times Mumbai; Date: May 29, 2008; Section: Personal Finance; Page: 21

Anju Grewal, a housewife in her mid-30s, agreed to buy life insurance after been chased by her cousin. Though she gave in to social obligations, she was not sure whether she should buy the investment oriented insurance policy pitched to her. Many people, including Anju, believe that insurance is a forced form of savings. Hence the key message thrust on them is that insurance will not only provide some cover to your family, but can also give you some amount on maturity.

“Do I need life insurance?” was Anju’s question. To find an answer, we must understand what life insurance exactly is. Life insurance is primarily a tool by which an individual can transfer the financial risk (to his/her family) of his/her early or untimely demise to the insurance company.

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Investing – Eyes wide open

Publication: The Times Of India Mumbai; Date: May 27, 2008; Section: Your Money; Page: 40

In that growing jungle of mutual fund opportunities, how can investors ensure they don’t get lost?

BIRDS of a feather flock together, and the mutual fund industry is a classic example. Most fund houses tend to crank out similar schemes one after another, whether it’s technology funds, or thematic funds that focus on opportunity, multi-cap, closed-ended, fixed maturity, arbitrage, capital guaranteed, and so on. And now, investors can look forward to a slew of real estate mutual funds.

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The R Factor: Draw up a risk-return equation

Publication: The Economic Times Mumbai; Date: May 27, 2008; Section: Personal Finance; Page: 19

Don’t go by size or what’s hot. Make an informed investment decision, says Amar Pandit

Just a couple of weeks ago, I met up with an investor who had invested in Reliance Vision Fund through his old broker.

I was checking his statements when I saw that exactly nine days down the line, his funds were switched from Reliance Vision Fund into Reliance Regular Savings Fund by an unscrupulous broker. He cited reasons such as Reliance Vision is too big to be managed and Reliance Savings being a smaller fund, would deliver higher returns.

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Portfolio fixation will do more harm than good

Publication: The Economic Times Mumbai; Date: May 13, 2008; Section: Personal Finance; Page: 21
Economist Paul Samuelson says: “You shouldn’t spend time on your investments. That will just tempt you to pull up your plants and see how the roots are doing, and that’s very bad for the roots. It’s also very bad for your sleep.”
Rahul Arora, a successful business owner in his late forties, tasted success with a couple of investments in the equity markets. Thereafter, he remained glued to business channels, inevitably reacting to every bit of news or predictions. After the equity markets close, he would lap up every possible news from his long list of newspapers and magazines. Somehow, he believed that he needed to be well-equipped to handle the dynamic equity markets and that, he must do something every now and then to manage his portfolio.