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Waiting for GODOT

Publication: The Times Of India Mumbai;Date: Oct 23, 2007; Section: Your Money; Page: 46
There’s no point in waiting for a market correction if you’re going to be too scared to invest when the chips are down. Most of us have run into a self-styled “investing expert” at one time or another—someone who watches CNBC for hours every day, keeps an eye on the market, and frequently visits the local broker. One such expert is Vinod Raman, a retired corporate executive in his late sixties. 

Investing DOLLAR depreciation:problem or opportunity?

Publication: The Times Of India Mumbai;   Date: Oct 9, 2007;   Section: Your Money;   Page: 46

Most NRIs pay no attention to the rupeedollar exchange rate, until it’s time to plan a trip to India. Then they gasp when they discover that a movie ticket costs six dollars Then it sinks in that even the mighty dollar, once thought to be as good as gold, is a paper currency that is worth only what others think it’s worth. And right now, people outside the US (and economists and professors in that country) have a gloomy outlook on the dollar.   » Read more..