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Disability planning is vital for everyone

Publication: DNA Mumbai;   Date: November 13, 2006;    Section: Personal Finance;   Page: 6

Increased awareness among corporates, individuals and media will help create models
“Who would take care of our son Armaan should something happen to us?” was the key question burning in Rajesh & Arti Malhotras mind when I met them. Malhotras have a 5-year-old talented autistic child.
Rajesh is a corporate executive in his early 40s and his wife Arti a housewife. These were some of the several questions that the Malhotras were thinking about:
Who can be trusted to ensure the safety, health, and financial well-being of their son when they are not there?
Is there a common forum or self help/support group available?
Are there any benefits from the government available?
Will the child be able to work and handle financial responsibilities alone?
What if the physical or mental impairments worsen over time?
We then discussed Malhotras goals and came up with the following
Income of Rs 50,000 per month for son Armaan starting 2024.
Retirement income of Rs 100,000 per month for Malhotras starting 2024.

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