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360° Wealth Advisory Services

Picture this!

You go to a doctor – Dr Quack – with a niggling ailment which is just refusing to go away. In the consulting room, you see the doctor who instead of diagnosing and finding out your history goes on to prescribe you the latest medicine which a pharma company has just launched. “Take this. This is a best selling drug. I am sure that you too would benefit from it.”

As an irony such quacks are rampant and proliferate substantially in the financial services industry. They come in many garbs and may have fancy titles on their visiting cards and come from different kinds of institutions (some large multinationals, banks , broking firms and agents /distributors). But at the end of the day, they are just that. Quacks!

However they are not the only ones to be blamed. There are many quack consumers as well who want everything free, want quick fixes, or hot tips. Thus there is an ecosystem created of quack consumers, and advisors but most of the times honest & trustworthy consumers bear the brunt of this system built on greed, greed and greed.

Thus the product-based approach for your personal finances is a sure shot way of having your financial destiny go astray. The way to correct this situation is no rocket science. But plain and simple common-sense. You need a holistic or comprehensive approach to your personal finances.

Enter MFA

We actually deliver the service that big banks and financial institutions advertise.

We are helping our clients take smart decisions. Sometimes that means clarifying their goals, or saving more money, or refinancing their loans or paying it off, or exercising stock options properly, or seeing all sides of a decision before they make a move, or avoiding making a decision based only on the emotion of the moment - or any of a hundreds of other elements.

To us the bottom line is: No matter what the financial or life need is, we help clients make better decisions.

We will work together to accomplish this by:

- Setting up a financial plan that is consistent with our client's financial situation and risk tolerance,

- Providing clear and concise advice using all our available resources,

- Offering a periodic review as often as needed to be sure goals are consistent with investments, and

- Monitoring progress on goals and making appropriate changes based on market conditions, life changes and financial aspirations.


  1.   Risk Management
Taking stock of all risks to the client and family – death, disability, accident, security, divorce and so on. Finding best ways to mitigate risks.
  2.   360° Wealth Advisory Services
A Written Comprehensive Financial Strategy – updated annually
Quarterly Reviews with respect to your goals
Quarterly Goals Report
Opportunistic Calls based on state of the economy and markets
Implementation of all Investments - Cash, Debt, Equity and Gold
  3.   Real Estate
A Comprehensive Presentation on Real Estate Investment Strategy and creation of your Real Estate Portfolio.
Cash Flow Analysis.
An Inventory of all your property documents in one place – Do you and your spouse/family members know where all your documents are kept today? Digitize key documents and keep it in one place for easy access.
Half yearly review of your property investment.
EMI analysis & Getting the best rate for home loan.
Identifying properties based on your mandate. Initial Due Diligence on the property.
Negotiating on your behalf with builders, buyers/sellers, brokers, bankers and others.
Execution of transaction.
  4.   Estate Planning and Trusts
Preparation of Will
Preparation of Power of Attorney (if required)
Leave & License Agreement
Creation of Trusts (if required)
  5.   Art Advisory  
  6.   Global Investments  
  7.   Consolidated Reporting  

  8.   Legal, Taxation and Investment


We have assembled a team of experts in the areas of Law, Taxation, International Taxation, and Investment Banking specifically for our clients.
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